Payment Solutions

Account BalanceStarting to repay your debts is a positive step forward and can improve your ability to obtain future credit as your financial situation will be updated by the various Credit Reference Agencies.

Call us on +44 (0) 2870 355 566 or if calling from ROI +353 (0) 818 365 111, were you can pay by Visa Debit Card or MasterCard Debit and setup a regular collection. Alternatively, for your convenience you can also submit a one-off online payment using your Visa Debit Card or MasterCard Debit.

*Note – To setup a recurring payment per week/month by debit card, you must firstly have an agreed repayment plan proposal in place. This can be arranged by speaking to one of our operators or by submitting a repayment plan proposal Click Here.

Should you wish, a recurring payment plan can be cancelled at any time by calling our office or via our LiveChat Service. Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or even print and complete a standing order mandate with your DCSI Reference Number, which you will then need to send to your bank.

A Standing Order Mandate form can be downloaded here.

If you wish to authorise a third party family member or friend to discuss your account with us or make a payment(s) on your behalf please download our Letter of Authority here.

Here is a list of payment solutions available to you:

*International Payments may incur a transaction fee – The sender is liable for this transaction fee not DCSI Ltd.

Alternative payment method comes in the form of either An Post, Post Office or Branch payments, whereby you can be provided with a lodgement book or lodgement card with your unique DCSI Reference Number and supply it to a teller, which will either be scanned via the bar code or keyed on manually.