Business Team At Work, Manager In ForegroundEmployees at DCSI are highly trained ethical-minded individuals, who pride themselves on producing high quality service to our customers’. Through regular compliance training and customer satisfaction surveys we are able to offer our employees the opportunity to improve their skills, knowledge and experience, which ultimately helps provide better Quality of Service to our customers’.

DCSI is a company that invests in its employees, who are not only in-house trained but are also offered the opportunity to undertake external and independent training through associations such as the Credit Services Association and Corporate Training Partnerships. We believe that good education in the area of customer ethics, integrity and fairness, governance and compliance is essential in delivering high quality customer service.

DCSI customers’ are at the forefront of our training programme and designed around Treating Customers Fairly, ethically and respectfully. We have been able to consistently demonstrate our continued mission in providing our customers’ and clients with the best possible service available. Our highly trained employees are on hand to discuss your options so we can help you assess your current financial circumstances and develop a fair and sustainable repayment plan.

We understand that many people have experienced financial difficulty, often through no fault of their own. At DCSI we will work with you to find a solution in repaying that debt, but in a manner that is realistically achievable and most importantly, hassle free. That is why at DCSI, all our advisors are here to help and determine a Realistic, Affordable and mutually agreed Repayment Plan, which does not hinder our customers’ standard of living. DCSI recognises that getting into debt can be a source of stress for the majority of our customers’, so it is our responsibility to make it as easy as possible to help resolve any past credit issues you have encountered as quickly as possible.

At DCSI we also recognise the most important thing for our customers’ is to not ignore the situation but to take positive action and resolve it.  Often, when debts are ignored and avoided, legal action is commenced by the client. Our role is to work with our customers’ and support them in taking Positive and Responsible Ownership of the situation and agree an appropriate resolution.

Due to our growing number of clients, DCSI also understands our client’s needs and we are flexible in our approach, which can be tailored towards our client’s specific requirements. This flexibility, combined with our excellent customer service has allowed us to continually grow and attract, whilst also retain Debt Collection contracts with large financial institutions both within Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and mainland UK.