Tick placed in awesome checkbox on customer service satisfactionAs you can imagine, the Debt Collection industry is highly regulated, whether it be for financial and consumer compliance or information security compliance, DCSI ticks all the boxes. DCSI is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which was introduced to promote competition between financial service firms and to administer consumer compliance rules and high standards.

DCSI is also a full member of the Credit Services Association, which provides code of practice compliance guidelines in the area of Debt Collection, which we are a keen advocate. DCSI are also accredited by the Credit Services Association after successfully achieving its Collectors Accreditation Initiative (CAI), which assesses understanding of regulatory & legislative compliance in the area of Debt Collection. It is worth noting that DCSI is also Data Protection registered with the Information Commissioners Office within the UK.

Due to the information we process, DCSI takes Information Security very seriously and has an annual Security Audit Review performed by the globally recognised Grant Thornton, which is tailored towards the International Security Standard ISO27001. This is part of our commitment to both our clients and customers’, and is also a requirement as part of our service level agreements we undertake with our clients. As part of our service level agreements, we are also regularly audited on our financial processing of accounts by Grant Thornton.