Who are DCSI
Debt Collection Services Ireland Limited (DCSI) is a dedicated and reputable Debt Collection Agency located in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Formed since 1999 along with our sister company Trace & Status Report Services (TSRS) in 2003, our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible service available, providing superior collection and tracing results. DCSI is a company of standards, our reputation for honest reliable business conduct, built by our employees over many years is tried, tested and proven. This is displayed in each debtor communication we engage in and each business transaction we conduct.
Our business has grown and grown, year on year and the reason for this has been our desire to put our customers’ first. We strive to be the best that we can be and in doing so we have continued to retain and attract service contracts from small businesses to large financial institutions within Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and mainland UK.
Not only do we offer services in Debt Collection, but we also offer Advice to our customers’ and Debt Tracing through our sister company TSRS. We have been able to combine our excellent and superior knowledge and expertise in both Debt Collection and Debt Tracing to help produce a full and ethical debt solution for both our customers’ and clients.
At DCSI we are keen to invest our time in our customers’ and clients. We are continually creating innovative ways of making the Debt Collection and Debt Tracing industry more efficient and accessible, whilst transparent and hassle free. With this is mind, we have developed a new website, putting our customers’ and clients first, by introducing our highly accessible and flexible Secure Online Payment Service. This will allow our customers’ to securely setup One-Off Payments on any outstanding debts owed, from multiple platforms such as PC, Mobile and Tablet devices. We have developed online income & expenditure tools, which allows our customers’ to see their monthly outlay and help them determine a realistic repayment plan.
Along with our secure Online Payment Service, we have also introduced a new method of communication with our customers via a secure LiveChat Service, which is also accessible from PC, Mobile and Tablet devices. Our LiveChat Service is designed to allow our customers’ to interact and obtain instant information and results from their account in an innovative user friendly solution.
Lastly, we have also integrated our client driven Tracing portal, which will allow our clients to login and receive tracing summary reports and information whilst allowing them to easily navigate through our list of online specific content.
Feel free to navigate our customer and client based website and why not submit an online Customer Satisfaction Survey, which will help us to improve our service further and push our standards even higher.
Many Thanks,